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Taobao wig review (10), and review of shopping service Celestial Delinquent - Positive and long!

Hello all~! I just received a package of 10 wigs I ordered from various Taobao shops... and decided to post a review, since some of them aren't very well known/were a gamble on my part. Sorry about the cellphone pictures, my regular camera is broken, but I edited and sharpened up the images without losing quality best I could. So... here we go!


I used Celestial Delinquent's shopping service after doing some research online. I've used Taobaospree (I think?) and had a little trouble with them, so I really wanted to look for more of an individual experience than a larger service one, if that makes sense. I've never ordered anything through her before, but the entire experience was great, even with a backlog from the National Holiday c:

She was going on vacation before I put in my order, I was a few days before her cutoff date but it was close, so we worked out an agreement that she would buy everything and I would pay the invoice for that (including shipping to her), and I'd pay shipping later when she came back from vacation and could work out shipping arrangements to me. Here's a timeline of what happened.

Me - First email with all the wigs + questions (heat resistance, colors, etc.):: Sept 28, 2012
Angie (Celestial Delinquent) - Replied, answered all questions (first day service woo!) and sent invoice:: Sept 28, 2012
Me - Paid Invoice:: Sept 29, 2012
Angie - Items Arrived:: Oct 7, 2012
Angie - Arranged shipping:: Oct 31, 2012 - Nov 1,2012
Me - Paid shipping invoice:: Nov 1, 2012
Items shipped:: Nov 5, 2012
Items received:: Nov 15, 2012

If it wasn't for the holiday (I always seem to make orders around those times, ha..) I would have probably received my package in about 20 days. She replied within a day to all of my emails, and even provided clear and easy to understand spreadsheets with all of my order info and shipping rates, which I loved the most.

I paid $227.19 SGD for the first invoice, which includes shipping to her, any/all fees, and the price of my items combined. The second invoice was $81.30 SGD, which was shipping from her to me, including a tracking number via Yanwen Express. Total cost was $258.43 USD for 10 wigs, which averages to about $25 per wig, including shipping and fees c: 

Celestial Delinquent (
Satisfaction: 5/5
Communication: 5/5
Shipping: 5/5 (delay was explained to me and I agreed to wait until the holidays were over)
Packaging: 5/5

Now for the wigs! I'm going to post the pictures + the link which will include all of the stock pictures, rate each individually, then each taobao seller at the end. All wigs are pictured non-styled, straight out of the package (besides a little finger combing), and most of the wig caps are very roomy. One of them is EXTRA roomy, and I believe that was the split wig... but I don't remember x_x

But first, how the package arrived...



Sturdy. As. All. Heck. I've never received a stapled package before! ... I had to saw through it to get it open xDD



This was a fantastic sight... 10 wigs. Just. On my floor. <3!!


This is how they looked out of the ziploc/plastic bags. Each one was wrapped carefully in a wig net...


... and all of the fibers were so soft!!

The first wig is here, and the colors are more accurate in this photo. While I love the softness of the fibers, the wig itself is the shiniest of the bunch. I didn't take any flash photos, but you can already see a sheen in the pictures I have. Not good, but the quality otherwise is so amazing I'll overlook it. Very true to the stock photo I linked, kind of orangey-bright yellow, but I knew what I was getting. The fibers are very slippery, I can't tell yet how easy it will be to detangle. The bangs come already pre-styled and cut, and while they feel a little thinner than the rest of the wig, what I'm comparing it to is decently thick. I don't have to worry about my dark hair showing here! 4/5 for the shininess, otherwise perfect.



So long!! *_*

Next wig up is here, again more true in the stock photo. While the fibers are soft, they are a little stickier and more prone to tangling thanks to the styling at the ends and the product used. I think this one could tangle easily as well because of those reasons. I wouldn't describe the fiber as "slippery," as I do with some of the other wigs. It needs some light combing, too. 5/5 either way, it's what I expected and wanted. It's also very matte in real life.



What's up with this face... ^

Third wig is here, and I can't begin to tell you how much I love it. The color, the thickness, the style.. *swoon*. It's like a dream come true. Definitely 5/5 here. I'm a little worried about tangling because I'm a perfectionist, but it's one of those styles that can handle it, haha.. Bangs are super long and need to be cut. Very fluffy and soft! Color is more accurate in this image. 946/5. Seriously.



For some reason I only have one picture of this wig, but it's super cute and pretty thick. I don't have to worry about my hair showing, but my natural hair is very short, so I'd probably be worried about longer/thicker hair trying to fit. It came styled this way, and it's more accurate in my photo, since I ordered it in black. It's more of a natural black than a jetblack color, but it's still very dark. I love the way it's styled, so cute, but the bangs are not prestyled. 5/5.


This wig is so pretty I don't know if I want to style it, haha. The two long pieces are very thin, but the "base" of the wig is thick and has a slight bump to it. Perfect wig for teasing, really, but the fibers are so soft and slick it may take some work. Bangs do not come cut. 5/5.


I look like I'm inhaling too hard lol ^

This is where I start to get confused. I ordered this wig in dark brown, and it's two different lengths. One side is obviously longer than the other, and it looks more like the stock picture for the black short wig pictured above. I checked the links and spreadsheets a million times, and everything is correct (even the tag on the black wig says it's from Myself)... but I really like both wigs the way they are so I'm not going to look into it xD!

While not being as slick as some of the others, I really like the style of this wig. The color is dark brown, and mostly accurate in the photos I took. It's not as shiny in real life though, I think the bathroom light just wanted to mess around. There is a visible kink in the wig, I don't know if it came from shipping or the seller themselves, but I can fix. it. 4/5 for the kinks. Bangs are pre-styled, and fiber is still very soft.



^ This looks like a weird advertisement hahaha..

Light pink and gorgeous... This wig feels prone to tangling, but it's sooo soft! I kind of love the way it feels draped over my arms. I steam my wigs to style them, so I can already see this one swinging back and forth, silky straight. It's very pretty curly/wavy too! This stock photo is very accurate, but when you look up close the wig has blended blonde and pink fibers. Very pretty, but not a completely solid pink wig. 5/5 regardless.


I've never owned a blonde wig before, and it was so cheap.. so I took a chance and ordered this one. My skin tone makes me worried about a lot of colors, so taobao shopping is a good way to try new things you may not be able to find in a wig shop xD I also read that this store is a supplier to Gothic Lolita Wigs, which made me want to try them out. The stock photos are much more accurate than mine, and the wig is very matte in real life. My bathroom light attacked this one too..


What I don't like is that the mesh shows when you part the bangs to the side. This wig was really meant for straight bangs, but I took a picture of what you could see here. Maybe you could get away with it once the bangs are cut and styled, but... I probably wouldn't risk it. It's not slick, but extremely soft as well. 4/5 for mesh showing, it may give my dark hair some trouble in the future, since it's so light.



At least the bangs don't come 4 ft long!

I just saw this one and wanted it. xD. It comes pre-styled, but if you're not used to that it can be a little overwhelming. I mostly couldn't find the part, ha, and it needs some serious loving before I can wear it out. It's fuzzy near the top for volume, has a slight bump, and is more accurate color-wise in the stock photos. It's also very matte in real life, artificial lighting makes it shine like it does in my pictures. 5/5 for fun. it's very thick too. <3



^ Gahhh so cool..

Last wig is the very typical split pink and lavender, but I've never owned one, so.. there! The stock photos definitely make the curls look more like waves, and make the wig look fuller, but I haven't taken a brush to it. The biggest problem was the GIANT kink in the bangs. You can really tell in person. I'll have to style them, and I may cut them a hair shorter. They are pre-styled though.

Here's the base wig...


And both clips xD


^ I don't think I'll ever wear both at once lol..



^ Haha okay, I was playing around.. 

The clips are heavy, as you'd expect. I didn't take a picture of them but they're pretty standard, I assume?, and I swept the bangs to the side because they're a tiny bit too long for me. I'll update the review with a picture later if someone really wants it. Basically it has all the problems you'd expect with GLW - wigs not as full as stock picture, curls kind of wonky.. but at a much, MUCH better price. This is the only way I would buy from them, if this place really is their supplier xD I am going to restyle the wig myself, though. Curls are a bit too sporadic for my taste, and the amount of hairspray reallllyyy needs to be brushed/washed out. Expect your hands to feel sticky.

3.8/5, but I'm sure I'll like it more once I play with it.


Finally, here are my reviews for each shop/seller. 

Shop Myself (?):: Like the wig, it's cut and looks pretty natural. Very thick. 5/5.

Seller liuwei_6717 (freewig/freepay?):: One wig is super shiny (long blonde and brown) and the other isn't (short dark brown) . Hmm.. Seems like the quality depends,and there could be some style discrepancies, but overall I'd give the store a 4/5. 

Seller huanghai1002:: Both wigs are thinner than they seem in stock photos, but not very shiny. With mesh problems (short blonde) and styling (split), I'm not completely happy with the wigs, but the price is fair for what I'm getting. 3.9/5.

Shop Emo Kids:: Beautiful, thick, matte wig! One of my favorites, hands down. I don't see a reason not to buy more from this shop. 5/5.

Shop Grand Young:: Consistent quality, matte wigs. I'm happy with my choices, and they're all really soft. 5/5.

Seller xiaolaoshu1122 (Lucaille Wigs):: It's black. It's nice. I like it? Haha, not enough info to really rate the shop since it's a simpler wig, but I like the styling and how smooth the wig is. 5/5.

...That's all I have to say now, I'll be happy to answer any questions/take extra pictures if need be, and thank you very much for sitting through my bathroom/non-coordinate/long-winded post! <3


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