mizz_charmed3 (mizz_charmed3) wrote in egl,

Holiday Haul!: Where do you get the most bang for your buck?

Hey Community!

I know I've asked something a little bit like this in the past but I wanted to see if anything changes specifically for the holiday season.

So this is more of a general question inspired by the Holiday wishlist post; when you're wanting a haul of Lolita items where do you go? In your opinion, what stores are the easiest to deal with when doing large orders during the holiday season?

Also, what shops do you get the most for what you spend but not at the sacrifice of quality?

Responses would be much appreciated!

Edit: This applies to lolita items, not general shopping online. It can be either domestic or international. I live in the US so most of my shopping is done internationally if that helps anyone make suggestions.
Tags: ordering: misc questions

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