E-G-Lolita (e_g_lolita) wrote in egl,

Paris BTSSB and Harajuku -- Opening hours?

I've recently come with my school to Paris for my art class, and we've been given a single day off to do what we like around the city. I decided that, since we were in Paris, I would check out a few of the lolita shops!

Now, I've found shopping guides, so that isn't a big deal. But what does concern me are the hours that the stores are open. I've searched for both of these, and I can't seem to find them anywhere!

Does anyone know when Baby The Stars Shine Bright in Paris is open? Additionally, if anyone knows the hours for Harajuku, as well, I would greatly appreciate it!!!

Tags: *baby the stars shine bright, request: advice, store: btssb paris
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