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Suddenly, this whole community is a dramatic television serial!

This is just a goofy idea that popped into my mind, play along if you like.

I figured that it would be fun to pretend that we were the characters in a lolita-themed TV drama, about a gang war between different brand devotees, and the relationships and rivalries that pop up.  You come up with a few traits, and we can play along in this thread.  For instance, here's a character example:

Caitlin Rivera
Alliance:  The Flaming Petticoats
Weapon of Choice:  Lace-trimmed crowbar
Allies:  Hypothetical Horrid Harriet, of the Hapless Hat Horde
Rivals:  Made up Mike, Monstrous Master of Moitie
et cetera, et cetera.

Note:  The Flaming Petticoats loathe the Eagle's Parasol gang, and they all have their different brand preferences and such.

Let the chaos begin!

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