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BBC Sherlock Lolita

Last weekend I went a convention (Sherlock Seattle) and did my very first cosplay, a Lolita Sherlock based on the recent BBC TV show. I won Most Creative in the cosplay contest!

I have a few photos of what I have so far, but I'm looking for suggestions on how to improve!

I realize that if you haven't seen the BBC's Sherlock, these photos won't make much sense. Sorry for that.

Handcuffed to a Jane Watson:

With Irene Adler:

Posing all silly:

There were a lot of people dressed as Sherlock!

Coat: Forever 21, it's several years old, my roommate redid the buttonholes in red to look more like Sherlock's coat
Blouse: Land's End. It was the only purple blouse I could find on short notice.
The headband and boots are Forever 21 as well.
Scarf: Nordstrom Rack
Skirt: Meta, originally from a Lucky Pack, bought on comm_sales

I am wearing makeup. I always feel like I'm wearing lots of eye makeup and then it never shows up in photos!

Improvements I plan to make in the near future:
An actual Lolita blouse in purple. I've never seen them in purple and I have a hard time finding blouses that fit anyway, so I might get one made custom. I'm not sure what style I'll go for, probably something leaning more towards classic than sweet, something fairly simple, especially since the big blue scarf is going to cover a lot of it up in the front anyway. I know I could wear a blouse that isn't purple, Sherlock does wear other color shirts in the show. But the purple shirt is the most recognizable one, and most cosplayers wear a purple shirt.
A real headbow. This one is just a cheap headband with a satin bow, but a brand headbow of about the same size would work. It would have to be either solid black, or black with purple trim.
I might replace the laces of the boots with black or purple ribbon.
A handbag! Probably solid black.
Get better at curling my hair or give up and buy a wig. My natural hair is the perfect color, but his is super curly and mine is really straight.
I really really really need a new petticoat. I made this one by sewing a couple of old ones together, and it's held together by tape and safety pins at this point and it's mostly flat anyway.

Long term, maybe:
A nicer skirt. Maybe Innocent World's Juno or something similar, in black.
Get a coat in a fabric closer to the one he wears, which is a really dark pattern, here's a good photo to show what I mean.

Sherlock tends to wear suits, so it would be nice to have a blazer that matches the IW skirt, but I would almost certainly have to have that made custom, and that would be really expensive. A black bolero would be inexpensive and look nice for now, though.

The shoes I have are fine for now. Most Lolita shoes aren't good for running around, and while Sherlock is a very fussy and neat dresser, he often ends up chasing criminals on foot all over London, or at gross crime scenes, so the shoes have to be at least somewhat practical, if I bought heels they would have to be really low. Plus I'm mostly going to wear this outfit at cons and local Sherlockian meetups, where there's lots of time spent standing/walking.

Oh, and if you're in the Sherlock fandom on tumblr you might get the joke: I embroidered a bee on my bloomers. They were really popular at the convention, since almost everyone there is on tumblr and has seen the same silly fan art.

Thoughts? Ideas? Comments?

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