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Milanoo Brings Out the Big Guns

Hello everyone,

I just found something interesting in my inbox, so I thought I'd share it. Recently I decided to put up a scammers list on hello lace, to help people identify all the crap to avoid. I've labeled most of it Milanoo, since it's either confirmed Milanoo clones, or possible Milanoo clones. If it looks like Milanoo, it's most likely Milanoo after all.

Well, Milanoo is very upset about this. So upset they're threatening to sue me under "American defamation law" as they kindly put it. Although I'm not American, so I imagine this could be a problem in their crusade for justice.

Here is the e-mail for the curious:

To whom it may concerned,

I represent the owners of the website “”(hereinafter“Milanoo”).

Milanoo has found that the information published on your website( is untrue and false. Most of the websites listed in the “scammer list” have nothing to do with Milanoo e.g., and so on. Every one of these websites belongs to different companys. If you have any opinion on their products, you can point out to them respectively.

In addition, Milanoo indeed received many good comments on many kinds of products. You can't ignore the fact, and only focus on the bad comments.

As an information website , you have the obligation to verify the authenticity of the information before posting, and now your conduct infringes the reputation right of Milanoo. If you don’t delete/remove the flase information immediately, Milanoo will consider a lawsuit under American defamation law to claim for damages.

Best Regards,

Milanoo Legal Consultant

So guys, be careful. Know those lists we have with OMG MILANOO IS THE EVIL OF ALL LOLITA plastered all over them? Milanoo is going to hunt you down, and sue your frilly butt into oblivion. And remember, a few good sockpuppet reviews means something is completely legit.
Tags: !banned sellers/members, store: milanoo

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