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Searching for a Correlation: Sweet Lolita vs. Age

Hello everyone! I am doing a project for my mathematics class involving scatter plots. We are to pick a topic and hypothesize whether there is a correlation between two variables, then collect a sample of data that either agrees or disagrees with our hypothesis. The question I chose to pose is "does age affect how often one wears sweet lolita?".

I would very much appreciate if you could take some time to answer my question for me. I will also be more than happy to post my findings (pictures of my lolita-themed poster board as well!) when the project is over.

If you would like to help me, please tell me the following:

1. Your age (in years)
2. (A rough estimate of) How many times you have worn sweet lolita* in the last month**.
3. (BONUS) If you would be interested in seeing the results of this project when completed.

* sweet lolita and all its substyles, including OTT, deco, and old-school sweet.
** the last month meaning October.
EDIT: See below.

Thank you in advance for anyone who answers me!

EDIT: It seems that because I specified the month of October specifically, some of the responses are not as accurate as they could be, because of the way I phrased the question. For everyone else who answers, please tell me how many times you wear sweet lolita per month on average. As for those who already answered, feel free to change/clarify your responses, or leave them as they are. It is up to you. Thank you for your time!
Tags: community: research/essays/projects, community: surveys/polls/questionnaires, discussion: age in lolita

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