Euphy_Hime (euphy_hime) wrote in egl,

Need help ordering for TaobaoSpree!

Hello, Lolitas. I really need some help with this one.

I'm in the process of ordering a custom Rose Melody OP from TaobaoSpree, but there seems to be some confusion about the sizing.

Here's the conversation via email:

Taobao: Your payment has been made with many thanks.:)
But there is one problem, item1 , custom size, what's the measurement of shoulder ? 105cm ? is it too big ?

Me: 105cm is the correct measurement for shoulder width. Thank you. :]

Taobao: We haven't seen measurement like these, so let me confirm with you again.
Your measurement is : shoulder 105cm, bust 91cm, lower bust 76cm, waist 71cm, arm 29cm, height 170cm.
Is that right ? ^^
Because the seller also think it is unimaginalbe, so i need to make sure with you in case of mistake. hope you can understand.

Me: I think I understand the problem. The measurement I'm giving you for
the shoulder width of 105cm is all the way around both of my
shoulders. Does 40cm sound more normal for a shoulder width? ^^;

Taobao: just measure it from shoulder to shoulder is okay, no need to take around.
plz check the photo .
TaobaoSpree model


Thank you for your help. ^^;


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