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Unwanted photos in public?

Hey ladies and gents! I have a question that I don't think has been asked quite the same way before.

I was alerted by a friend that a picture of me had been tweeted to my school's "Only At _____" twitter berating me for being out in costume before Halloween. I was going out with my friend in my classy costumes entry outfit in order to take nice pictures for the contest. The tweet featured a picture of both my friend and I (she was not in Lolita at the time) at the counter buying something. The picture was taken by another student I do not know, and the posted to the twitter. Neither of us was looking nor noticed the photo until later on, and I am super annoyed that she felt it necessary to snap a photo of me in Lolita without my permission or knowledge and then posted to the internet.

I know taking photos of someone in public is not against the law, but in the case of being on a college campus, inside the dining hall store, and unawares, am I allowed to contact anyone at the school to get the photo dismantled? There are a ton of photos of people on it and none of them look like they knew they were being photographed, and I am probably on there more than once in Lolita. Have you ever found yourself online in Lolita without knowing a picture was taken? What did you do about it? And why are people so OBNOXIOUS when you're dressed differently?
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