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Positive Review:

Hi everyone! The following is a review of my experience shopping with I've been trying to find new or gently used pairs of size small Secret Shop tea party shoes for quite some time, but I did not want to wait for custom sizing. I searched for a shop that may carry new shoes in stock. Clobba had a few colors I liked left in stock and in my size, but after searching further I found Minkyshop, which carried the colors I was looking for. After looking through EGL, I could only find reviews of Minkyshop's previous eBay store, and none from their new website.

Order Timeline
I placed my order through email, just before Minkyshop temporarily closed for holiday and to catch up on their orders (from September 26th-October 15th). Minkyshop was very quick to reply to my emails. they only became slightly more difficult to reach during holiday (which is to be expected) but I was impressed that they still responded when they could during this period! Their English is perfect, and they are super friendly to work with. One note, my EMS tracking number was not sent to me as they are updated automatically through the website's store system. I had a private email order that requires Minkyshop to contact their EMS provider for the number. I thought my order was still processing (takes 3-5 business days to do so) when it arrived :P To avoid my mistake in the future, I suggest creating a account (you can create a wish list, too!), and using their store system.

September 24th-27th: inquiry emails
September 27th: order placed
October 9th: email sent about available shipping options
October 12th: added one other pair of shoes to the order
October 13th: invoice sent
October 15th: invoice paid
October 17th: email notification that order had begun to process
October 24th: package arrived at my house

Order Packaging
I opted to send my shoes via EMS, as I wanted them as soon as possible. Minkyshop also offers Airmail service for packages that meet the weight requirement (for shoes, I believe it's a maximum of two pairs).

Here is what I ordered:
in size 22.5cm/Small, in Baby Pink, Baby Blue, Black, and Red color ways

The box it was shipped in:

very sturdy, and taped together for extra protection! box was marked down for customs.

bird's eye-view of the contents:

each shoe came individually wrapped in plastic.

Secret Shop Tea Party shoe quality has been discussed at length, so I'll spare you, but I was very happy with all the details!

Overall Review:
Communication: 5/5, I was so impressed at Minkyshop's swift replies, even during a holiday period. Staff was very friendly and pleasant to work with. Would absolutely order from here again.
Packaging: 5/5, Box was not flimsy at all, my shoes were perfectly protected in their plastic wrapping.
Price: 5/5, Very reasonable to me - I was happy to pay their price plus the quicker shipping option in order to get my shoes as soon as possible. In my opinion it was worth it for their fast and friendly service :)
Miscellaneous: I forgot to mention this originally, but if you 'like' their Facebook page, you are given a 5% discount.

Thank you for reading, I hope this review is helpful!

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