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Review: Chess Story's Marriage D'Amour

So I finally received my dress from Chess Story today, after exactly a two month's wait, but I think it was a wait well worth it.

It came all nicely bundled up, and aside from the dress, it came with a post card that was somewhat bent and 3 replacement buttons, one for each button on the dress. 

The construction seems sturdy- I didn't see any fraying or loose threads. The print itself was mostly satisfying. It's my first not-Bodyline dress that has a print, so I don't have much to compare to. If I were to nitpick, I'd say some of the print kinda of looks like a gif/jpeg image if you reaaaally look up close- buuut that's only apparent if you stick your face right up to the more detailed parts of the print like the two pillars of roses next to the bride and groom. 

It's lined and quite comfortable too.

2012-10-27 11.52.15
Eagerly thrown together outfit.

2012-10-27 12.43.03

2012-10-27 12.44.11
The side...decorative lace up things? I don't know what to call them but they're cute o3o
2012-10-27 12.44.32
Apologies for the blurry image, my bad.
2012-10-27 12.44.59

2012-10-27 12.45.46
Details of the lace and chiffon. The bottom-most layer that I'm holding up is connected to the lining.

Ordering: 5/5 (From Qutieland, very simple and straightforward) 
Shipping: 5/5 Arrived in good condition in 4 days.
Communication: 5/5 Responded quickly.
Construction:  4.5/5 Beautiful dress, but one thing I had an issue with that I just thought of after taking pictures, was the seam part on the skirt part of the dress- it cuts off the print, although I can tell they attempted to line it up correctly...
Print: 4.8/5 I just have a tiny, tiny issue with certain details of the print not being as crisp or as dark as other parts but like I said- I don't have much to compare to, so for all I know this could be completely normal/according to design.

Anyways- overall, for the price, I was really satisfied- who am I kidding, I'm in love with this dress.

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