HimeBlackOnyx (himelilloli) wrote in egl,

Corset Dress


I am making a coordinate for Halloween and I want it to be OTT Hime.  I was searching and found this page.
The site says that corset dresses are appropriate for Hime style.  I know that a Victorian woman could get away with wearing a dress with a corseted bodice but I am also aware that Lolita fashion is all about modesty.  When i searched "Lolita corset dress" I saw a lot of non-Lolita, non-modest dresses.  I really like this corset style bodice though, and I have vintage corset patterns but I don't want to make this dress and them bring eternal scorn for the Lolita community.  My first dress ended up in a loli_secret and i don't think I could handle that again.  I just want everyone's advice before i do something outside of the rules of Lolita.  PLEASE AND THANK YOU!

Tags: *handmade, coordinates: concrit request, discussion: rules in lolita, discussion: styles, garment: corsets, garment: dresses, request: information

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