Jessie-Kate (jessiekaterose) wrote in egl,

Please help: hole in dress

I bought a dress around a year ago on the comm sales and it had stains on it when it got to me. (ones that were not mentioned...) I was frustrated about it, but they weren't very obvious, so I gave the seller the benefit of the doubt - maybe she hadn't noticed them. I only wore it once or twice because of the stains and today I tried for the second time to get the stains out, and I found a little hole! I'm pretty positive I did not put it there because I'm extremely careful with my brand clothes. Also, it's thick cotton with no other sign of heavy use, so something sharp must have done it. Now I'm really frustrated. ;_;

Does anyone have any ideas for ways I could stop the hole from getting larger and becoming noticeable? I was considering putting a little drop of clear nail polish on it on the inside but I don't know how much that would help, and if it would make it MORE noticeable. Thanks for reading.
Tags: request: advice

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