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Announcing Rollita, the first Print From Sera's Stitches!

Hello all!

We are pleased to announce the first print from American custom sewing house, Sera's Stitches, Rollita!


Sera's Stitches is a small sewing shop, dedicated to bringing affordable and adorable custom Lolita clothes to fans of the fashion the world over. We are currently located in the Metro New York area, but we are willing to ship to where ever our products are wanted. 

Rollita is a work of over a year, featuring custom fabric designed just for us by Whitney Cogar, a talented artist you can visit at her website, Available in Emerald, Sapphire, Amethyst, and Rose Quartz, the print features poly-sided dice, the kind one would find at any number of table top games. The border printed dice appear in coordinating colors to the main fabric color (jewel tones for Emerald and Sapphire, pastels for Rose Quartz and Amethyst), surrounded by heart accented lace. Small dice create stripes on the skirt and the bodice of the finished garment.


We are currently taking preorders for the high waisted skirt, a half elastic skirt, and a shirred back, short sleeved one piece. There will be five spots to start, though if there is enough demand, we will create a waiting list.

Front of the High Waist JSK. The loop on the side was for a custom order, and will not appear on the finished product.
Back of the High Wasited Skirt. The corset lacing will be completed over a small shirred panel. There is an opening on the right side with hooks and an invisible zipper. 

A JSK in the Rose Quartz colorway. This JSK will not be available in this preorder- there are too many bugs in the pattern. Shown for color purposes only. 

Unclassic1 Unclassic2 
Style of the OP. This dress was also made by Sera's Stitches. A sample in Emerald in this style is in the works. It features shirring and lacing, short sleeves, and optional waist ties. 

bunnies1 bunnies6
The style for the half elastic waist skirt. The Rollita skirt will not feature ruffles. 

Sera's seamstress has over 5 years of sewing experience. All seams are finished with a serger. The bodice of the OP and the waists of the skirts are lined. Skirt linings are not included, but they can be added for an additional price. Headbows come with fabric covered headbands. 

Skirt lengths are limited to 20'', due to how the fabric is printed. However, please contact me if you are interested in a longer skirt, as we may be able to figure a solution for you. 

To place an Order, please visit our listing on the EGL Comm Sales.  

~Disclaimer: I have cats, who are allowed in my workspace. I also share a home with a smoker, though I make an effort to keep my workspace free of smoke. I have never had a complaint of either of these conditions affecting my garments. ~

Questions and comments are greatly appreciated, and will be answered as soon as possible.

Feedback can be found here:
Gallery of past work can be found here:

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