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Hello there. In early August, I ordered about £80 worth of things from closet child (BPN, algonquins, etc. All in all, 3-4 longsleeved shirts.) only unfortunately, I received a package containing a AP (maybe? It looked like AP, I didn't remove the shrink wrap) bag and a hangry+angry plush. I contacted closet child about the mix-up right away and I was given lots and lots of apologies and asked to send the stuff back, which I did. I was then told that the other person (presumably who had ordered the bag+plush) would send her stuff back and they'd swap and resend. Unfortunately I haven't received anything yet, despite closet child emailing me telling me that said person has informed them that she's sent my things back. And needless to say, it's pushing the middle of October so I'm getting a little disconcerted.

What I want to ask the community (and I hope I'm right. I could only ask this on EGL, you guys are massive) is if anyone here received my things, and if they did send them back to closet child. Or if there's been a problem with sending the items and they'd consider sending them directly to me should I give proof that I ordered them. Somehow, I don't think the items were sent domestically. And I don't feel right asking closet child, because of buyer privacy and such. I don't blame closet child for this. I've been shopping faithfully with them for a good four years, and their service has always been stellar. Even thoughout this bad experience, they've emailed me back without fail regarding the status of my things. I'm just getting edgy.
Thank you very much, community.
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