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Question about appropriate lolita fabrics

My mother just gave me all of her old belly dancing veils... Which just so happen to be large swaths of hand-dyed silks that are in fabulous condition. One piece in particular caught my eye, and although I love the softness of the fabric and the pattern, I'm not sure if I could turn it into a good lolita dress. Or skirt, I'm not particularly choosy. But I figure three yards of fabric should be enough to make a Qi lolita dress (I'm a very... tiny person, so a yard of fabric is enough to make a skirt with enough room for a medium to light petti). But I'm a bit of a newbie to lolita, and I'm not entirely sure what's appropriate when it comes to fabric choices and prints.

Here's the fabric I'm talking about:

like I said above, it's 3 yards by 45(?) inches-- more than enough for a decently sized skirt. I'm hoping I can get away with making an over-dress with slits up the sides of the skirt with a ruffled underskirt underneath in white or cream. The left side is the front of the fabric, the right side is the back. The front's a bit shiny, like a lot of silks, i was thinking about using the back instead.

What do you think? Is the fabric too "loud" for lolita? I know purple isn't really a color you find a lot outside of sweet, and even then it's a stretch.

Edit: I replaced the link to the fabric with a new one. It should work now.

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