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NYC ILD Tea Party-- Dec. 1st 2012

Hello ladies! Long time no see. It has been a while.

As early as it is, I decided to announce the upcoming winter tea party for International Lolita Day on December 1st, 2012. Join us for an evening of games, presents, tea, and perhaps even giveaway prizes!

All lolitas in the northeast (and perhaps even farther away!) are invited to come dine with us at Lady Mendl's Tea Salon in New York City. Settled in a pair of brownstone building from the 1800's, Lady Mendl's is famous for being the best and most romantic tea salon in the city.

The party will begin at 4:30pm, where you will enjoy yourself with lively chatter, games, presents, and a very scrumptious 5-course afternoon tea meal. The menu includes tea sandwiches, scones, desserts, tea, etc., as well as a glass of champagne. (There are gluten-free options available for a supplemental charge. Whole dining information here.)

In total, seats for the party will cost $80.00 per person ($60.00 + tax + 20% gratuity). Truly priced for an unforgettable experience! You can either pay via Paypal, check, or cash (local people only). I will start accepting payments after NY Comic Con, so around the week of October 19th. You can either pay in full, or you can go by two payments, or three payments if need be to reserve your spot. Just so you'd know now!

In the past I have done dress-themes, but this time it's pretty much whatever you feel! Any style, sweet, classic, gothic-- any decent themes, just be courteous and dress very nice, since your fellow guests will be dressing their best as well. Grotesque themes are not acceptable, as well as cosplay. "Casual lolita" is discouraged, and 'erotic', punky and deconstructed styles have to be tasteful. If you need assistance with your outfit, do not hesitate to message me! If you aren't dressing in lolita or aristocratic, or if you are bringing +1, they must be dressed nicely, e.x. semi-formal, or at the very least business-casual.

Finally, as I've done before in the past, there will be a White Elephant Gift Exchange. If you don't know what that is, read here. For the White Elephant exchange, the gift must look like it's worth between $10-20. When you pick out a gift, just think of something nice that you would like to receive. (To put it simply, get a quality item. Does not have to be store-bought! If you have a knack for DIY projects this will be easy~)

Date/Time: Saturday, December 1st, 2012, 4:30pm-8pm
Event: Winter Lolita Day tea party
Location: Lady Mendl's tea salon, 56 Irving Place New York, NY 10003
Price: $80 including tax and tip
Dresscode: Dress nicely! Lolita, aristocratic, or semi-formal or business-casual at the least.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Q: Can I pay for my seat now? Why can't I?

Since NY Comic Con is next weekend, I'm trying to avoid putting local people in a tight spot money-wise, as well as avoid a mix-up with my own finances! So I will put up Paypal payment buttons, and other information around the week of Oct. 19th.

Q: When is the deadline to pay?

I will accept payments up to the last week of November, until I give the manager the final head count.

Q: Will my deposit be refundable in case I can't make it?

Unfortunately at the moment, no. I need to make sure I make the minimum of 30 guests first. With it being around holiday season, we will not be able to hop around to different rooms because of people dropping out, and I am not going to personally pay out of pocket for missing people, nor will anyone else attending the already-pricy party. If there happens to be over 30 guests, as well as people willing to take your spot on a waiting list (will be formed if I need it-- the maximum capacity for the room is 50+ so I don't think that's necessary at the moment), I can probably give you a refund then. But definitely not if I'm not meeting the minimum number of people.

Also, if you drop out within 48 hours of the party, I cannot give refunds. By that time the final guest count would be already submitted and I can't go back and change it after that point...

Q: Is the White Elephant mandatory?

Since the party is expensive enough, it's not mandatory, though it's been something I've been doing traditionally at my parties. If you don't bring a gift, you'll just be excluded from the exchange. :3

I accept payments in cash, check, or Paypal.
Make your deposit via Paypal below:

If you wish to pay by cash (in-person, I will not accept concealed cash envelopes) or check, PM me so we can arrange a time to meet!

Click here to visit the Facebook event page.

Hope to see you there!
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