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Community Updates for October

Artwork this month is by bomb4y. You can view more of his work on his DeviantArt.

The General Theme for October is October Celebrations
When we think of holidays in October, of course Halloween comes to mind. But many people across the world celebrate a variety of holidays this festive month! Share your October lolita adventures, no matter if you celebrate Halloween or another holiday we'd love to learn about!

The Aesthetic Theme for October is Creepy-Cute
Oh how we love the newest craze sweeping the j-fashion world: creepy cute style! This month, show off your creepy lolita coordinates. The more bats, stripes, studs and other chill-inducing motifs, the better!

The Contest for October is Classy Costumes
Enter your lolita-themed costume (example: lolita pikachu, lolita witch, lolita cat) this month to win a spooky prize! Details and how to enter are in this thread.
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