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Translation of writing on Baby's page?

I'd like to order a parasol among other things from Baby, but there's this writing at the top of the "other" section on their page that interests me. 

In Japanese it's written:


And as translated automatically by the page, it comes out as:

★ ★ point to keep in mind when ordering your umbrella
for the convenience of packing, the combined orders and other goods, please refrain from your umbrella.

 I'm not sure what it's trying to say, or if it's something I need to know. If anyone could quickly translate, it'd be really helpful. I know some other brands have weird things regarding shipping parasols because of them breaking in the mail, so I just want to know if Baby has anything going on. "Please refrain from your umbrella" makes it sound like I should order it, but keep my distance. "Should I use this? NO! I MUST REFRAIN FROM MY UMBRELLA! BACK, FOUL BEAST!" or something of the sort. 

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