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Halloween Dinner Party @ Fairytale Boutique in LOS ANGELES


The very popular Automatic Honey, known for their amazing acrylic designs worn in lolita, fairykei, and even casual wear, is co-hosting a special event dinner with the Fairytale Boutique in Los Angeles!!!

The italicized text is the official information from their official event page.

Please purchase a ticket before they sellout!
During your purchase write a comment that says Oli sent you!

It is with great pleasure and honor to hold an event with the creators and designers of the world famous Automatic Honey: Alex and David.
This is a 2-part event, so please read the instructions carefully!

♫ Part 1 - Ticketed Event

This event will take place at a restaurant right above our shop in Little Tokyo. The name of the restaurant is: Cafe Focus (or Cafe Shining Bell). If you are unsure of where to go, please feel free to meet us at the shop before going to upstairs; we will be happy to guide you there.

Event Start: 7:30PM (Doors open for seating)
You may sit anywhere you like except for the Head Table (more details to follow).

Dinner Starts at 8:00PM.
Dinner is a buffet style dinner. We will offer the following menu:

- Spaghetti (2 sauce types: Meat Sauce and Tomato Sauce)
- Sandwiches (various varieties available)
- Salad (various dressings available)
- Iced Black Tea will be served as beverage
- Dessert (Each attendee will have their own individual dessert served to them after dinner)

After Dinner Activities: We will engage in some fun games with prizes! (Prizes sponsored by Automatic Honey and Fairytale Boutique)

Link to the FB event page



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