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How Ye Be Accessorizin' Yer Pirate Lolita, Me Hearties?

Ahoy! I be thinkin' on account of it bein' international talk like a pirate day, and on account of me only havin' one pirate hat which be a bit flea ridden, I'd be askin' what ye all be wearin' to accessorize ye pirate lolita.

I be sure ye have a vast variety of right bonny ideas. I be particularly interested in what ye be wearin' on your legs if ye be wearin' more than just ord'nary ole strip'ped hose, and what other creative accessories ye lasses be wearin'.

((Since today is international talk like a pirate day, and because the only pirate hat I have is a kinda sorry one that I decorated my self (and not particularly well), I'd love to see/hear what other people wear as accessories with their pirate lolita coords.

I'm sure people have a bunch of creative, lovely ideas. I'm particularly interested in stocking/sock alternatives to the traditional horizontal stripped stockings, and other creative accessories.

I apologize in advance if this isn't specific enough for the comm; I just feel like pirate lolita is such a fun substyle and I feel like I'm probably not giving it half the justice it deserves with how boring my accessories tend to be.
On a side note, if you be speakin' like a pirate, please be leavin' a translation into landlubber speak for our international members who may be usin' their computers to translate the language

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