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Starting up Accessories Shoppe~ Want some opinions

Hi there everyone! I've been a lolita for a few years now and only recently decided to use egl and the sales comm.
I have a background in making accessories and I was hoping to get some opinions on what kind of things everyone would like to see more of.
  I have been selling 'cute' accessories at local cons for about 2 years, things like silicone creme cupcake keychains, necklaces, phonecharms etc, paperclay accessories, bows and hair ribbons as well as some deco-den phone and iPod cases.
I know that most of this is pretty standard, though I will still sell this sort of thing, but I was curious if people were interested in giving me some of their own opinions on what types of accessories they would like to see more. I'd also like to maybe try some darker toned things as I mostly make sweet lolita and fairy kei style things right now.

Thanks a lot!
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