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The Grand Metro Area International Lolita Day Party RSVP

I am currently taking official RSVPs for the Grand Metro Area International Lolita Day Party! I've created an event on the FaceBook page for those who do not have an LJ account. The RSVP date will be from now until October 4th. Once the RSVP closes I will book the room based on the number of people and quickly provide the cost of the tickets, time and location.

Please note: if you RSVP here DO NOT RSVP on the FaceBook page and vice versa; I don't want to accidently count someone twice. Friends and signifigant others are allowed to come to the event as well so if you wish to RSVP for yourself and them, let me know!

While I do not have the specific hotel, the even will be taking place in Old Town Alexandria, VA, USA. The area is Metro accessable via the Blue Line and all the hotel options I'm looking at ar a couple of blocks at most from the Metro station.

I would like to make a note about the cost; the last rought estimate I got was $10 per person for 70 people and $7 per person for 100 people. While I do want to give everyone a solid number, the price depends on how many people show; while I don't want to overestimate too much, I don't want to underestimate and have to turn people away. So, to play it safe, the current estimate is about $15 per person, though once I have a solid RSVP number (after the RSVP time closes by October 4th) I will be giving the final cost per ticket and final location (aka which hotel in Old Town Alexandria).

Thank you!

Link to the FB page:!/pages/The-Grand-International-Lolita-Day-Party-DC-MD-VA-WVa/344524138956424

RSVPs via FB:

RSVPs via LJ:

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