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I have a black lace skirt that needs a blouse to match

130130070019 Hi have a knee length very poofy black lace skirt I had custom made by a local seamstress. I had her replicate this Meta design. The lace is not as soft and pretty as Meta obviously but the skirt is beautiful, I am so happy with it. I am trying to find a blouse to match but matching the lace would be really hard. So you think the lace should match or does that matter? I am plus size so I have to get my lolita clothing custom made. I either buy items from Anna House, F+F, or Stocking Shock. What blouse do you think would match this skirt? I am doing a steampunk lolita photo shoot and I am trying to build my outfit. It doesn't have to look overly steampunk, I am going to add some accessories to make it more steamish, I am trying to go for a more aristo look. Any advice from you lovely ladies would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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