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Review: Quinidine Sugary Carnival Charity Raffle!

Way back in July I was the winner of Quinidine's Sugary Carnival Charity Raffle! She has asked me to write a review and, she plans on holding another raffle very soon!

Entering The Raffle
It was not difficult at all to enter. Since I'm in the US and the charity is based in Canada, I had to use a Credit Card, but I believe that if you lived in Canada you could have used paypal to pay. Either way it wasn't difficult, paypal would have just been even more convenient. When I finished my donation (it was $10 per entry, and I donated $30 for 3 entries.)

Quinidine was very communicative when I had a question about payment, and was very quick to notify me when I won - I already knew but she was still right on the ball! Part of the reason it's taken so long for me to write a review was because I happened to be moving right when the contest ended*. Quinidine was very helpful and shipped the package to a nearby relative's house for me so that I would not have to worry about it getting lost during the move.

*One reason why my coordinate is so boring...most of my stuff is still packed away... excuses excuses!

Shipping Time
Even thought it was going from Canada to the US, it came very quick! I believe it only took about a week, much faster than I was expecting!

I won a the Sugary Carnival Special Set Jumperskirt, the version with no ponies on it, and a pair of gloomy bear socks by BTSSB. I am definitely not much of a sweet person but I do very much appreciate the lovely quality of the JSK and I had some fun making a coordinate.

The dress was absolutely flawless!

The socks are also very nice but I do not typically wear knee socks so I did not take off the tag or try them on, I will try to find a better home for them ^^; But as you can see, they were new and unworn!

It was a very well organized contest, fun, and even if I didn't win I would say it's a good value! I will definitely take part in Quindine's future raffles! The cause is a very good one and I think it's really admirable what Quindine is doing for the Lolita community, and for women's health in general!
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