Mellony (mellonychan) wrote in egl,

  • Mood: Lolita Shoes

I was just wondering if anyone has bought shoes from MinkyShop lately, like sometime in the past year or so, could help me out.

I was wondering if they are a legit shop and if they are good about sending the correct item to you?
Also, I am concerned about the quality of the shoes. Are they good?
I read a few reviews on their site and none of them are negative, but there aren't enough reviews to go on, you know?

I have never bought Lolita shoes before, much less bought any kind of shoes on the internet!! O:
I've been just DYING for these boots for about two years now!

But I'm afraid that I might end up wasting $90...

If anything please say that you had a decent experience buying from MinkyShop, please!

Domo arigato gozaimasu!


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