Marby ヽ(≧∀≦)ノ (lainnocence) wrote in egl,
Marby ヽ(≧∀≦)ノ

August Entries - AHOY MATEY

1. Sweet Sailor by burnt_tuna

2. A Stroll by the Lighthouse by pinkiwi

3. Yaaar! by zitronecs

(one of our fellow judges so inelligible to win)

4. Starfish and fishnets by kishia

5. I claim this land and all its lolita booty! by alyssiumbaby

6. Nautical Theme -Ero Pirate Lolita by pixieprecious

7. They called it the ship of dreams...a by nyami_rose1

8. The Pirate that doesn't do Anything by sarahscantron

9. Don't Mess with Me by kunoichi_neko

I have to say it was very difficult for us to choose a winner for this theme!
The winner is.................. Entry number 8! Congrats on your entry sarahscantron!
You have won a beautiful nautical skirt, headbow, and tote set by Industrial Kitty!

Thank you for all the beautiful entries!
Please be sure to check September's contest: Tartan Treasures!
Tags: community: contest

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