Usaku (aka Leliel) (usaku) wrote in egl,
Usaku (aka Leliel)

Looking for an older Meta stock pic...

Ladies and gentlemen, I seek a stock photo for an older Metamorphose JSK made from star chiffon fabric. It has a shirred bust and 3-tier skirt, in a black colorway. I found seller photos on Mbok, but without knowing the proper name for this dress, I was unable to find it on Lolibrary. This is my best friend's dream dress, but she has lost the stock pic. We've been trying to track the dress down, so if any of you know the actual title of the dress or have the stock photo, I would be very grateful. I know there are JSKs with the same fabric but a different dress design, but it has to be the shirred bodice/tier skirt combo.

Thanks you in advance!!

Tags: *metamorphose

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