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Review: Infanta Sweet Dolly House OP (And accessories!)

A girl in my comm mentioned to me about writing a review about this OP since it's apparently got a lot of people talking, so why not since it's my first article of lolita clothing~

OKAY SO I won't talk much about the Shopping Service I used (Taobao Spree) more than they were very courteous and answered all my questions and kept me posted on my order, which I was very appreciative of.

So, this being my first dress, it took me a century or two to actually put everything on, BUT I DID IT LIKE THE BIG GIRL I AM. Sorry if I look so tired! My sleeping patterns have been weird lately. So, my first response when I put on the dress: OH MY GOSH WHY IS IT SO TIGHT AROUND MY CHEST??? It was more comfortable after i fixed the corset lacing, but still quite snug. I got this in a Medium, and the bust was 2 cm larg
er than mine, so I thought I'd be okay but I was wroooooong. Still, it's tolerable.

Dress detail~
Seams serged: Yes
Print lined up: No
Elastic in the sleeves: Perfect. Not too tight, or too loose
Material: High quality cotton

And now a full shot~

The hair accessories: The headbow and clips came separate and were bought seperate. The clips came in a set. You paid for 7 random pieces for a good price. (The 7th piece is the strawberry on my waistbow!). The clips don't have pins, so they don't double as pins, and the strawberry pin doesn't double as a hair clip.

I should have played with the headbow more before taking photos because it looks so flat lol. It does stand on its own with a little bit of fiddling.

Well, that's it! I hope you found this useful, and I thank you for checking out my post!

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