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Wow, creedy much?

EDIT: They took down the sale, I guess enough people told them it was super mega overpriced, I know they didn't sell it at that price (see ebay sellers, research can be your best friend when trying to sell stuff!) ^^;

I'm not sure if this is the place for this to go, but, I saw this on ebay: OVERPRICED!!

I contacted them to see if it was a typing error, but no, they actually expect someone to pay ten grand for one dress! I'm pretty sure for that price I could buy 100 brand dresses, if not more, what would posses someone to think they could charge that much for something that (at the most) I've seen going for $450 to $500? 

...Sometimes I wonder what go's through people's minds, I guess that old argument of 'it's always cheaper on ebay' doesn't work this time?

Thoughts on this anyone?

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