Noelle (noellez) wrote in egl,

Help! Wearing lolita to my middle school!

    Hello! I'm reallly sorry if there were already posts like this, but most of the information I found was about wearing lolita to colleges and high schools! ;A; I think middle schoolers are a different case, many of them are on the more immature side..

    I'm a blossoming sweet lolita in my second week of eighth grade! I've been slowly kind of easing lolita into my every day style, increasing a bit day by day, and I think that Friday will be the day I wear one of my co-ords to school for the first time! I've always been an eccentric dresser, so I feel like I should be ready for this, but I'm still nervous.. I'm afraid I'll be made fun of..

    So, I'd like to ask for your middle school lolita experiences! And if you don't have any of those, any advice will help me dearly! Thank you so much! c:

    EDIT: Thank you all so much! I just thought I should add that I don't have any gym/athletics classes this year, so there will be no locker room situations, thank goodness!
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