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Lolita-esque Items in... TARGET!?

I know we've all seen the "Harajuku Lovers" (I haven't seen much 'loli' things except for maybe headbows from them in past years) in Target at one point or another, but as I was browsing Target (admittedly, yes, I was in the little girl's section looking at headbows, bless my small head), and what was this!? A PETTICOAT!? I stood there in disbelief for a moment. About a year ago my sister said she found a petticoat in H&M, which led me to searching several mainstream stores, looking for some kind of petticoat-like skirt, since at the time it was a mini-trend due to a character on a TV show wearing one as a skirt. So I found this shocking, that I was not even looking this time, and there it was, in my face. I didn't get it, since I have enough pettis right now, but I thought it was an interesting find! It's in the young girl's (not quite teen, but not little-little girl) section in Target, and seems to have larger sizes. I didn't really check what brand it is, it might be Harajuku Lovers or just some other brand, I really don't know. There was also an OP-like dress, right down to the collar. My mother was with me and she was also shocked, she was like, "Wow... I guess it might catch on, over here."

Have any of you girls and guys found any truly lolita items in mainstream stores?
Tags: finds: real life, garment: bloomers/petticoats

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