scandium21_45 (scandium21_45) wrote in egl,

Singapore lolita meet-up?

Hi Singapore lolitas, I can't find a local community for you all so I'm posting here. I'm over in your lovely city-state until Sept 12th and was wondering if any of you would be free for a meet-up sometime this weekend or next weekend. I have no idea about good places for meet-ups, but am keen to see some of the sights here as I've only really been shopping so far (thank you for all the advice!).

I've been told that I "have" to go see the garden at Marina Bay, but really I'm open to all suggestions for date/time/place. The only restriction is that I've arranged to meet a friend for dinner/clubbing this Saturday night, so won't be free then.

Also...the closest thing to lolita I brought with me is a 50s-esque retro sundress, and I don't have a petticoat with me either, so my outfit will be more "loliable/retro" than lolita. I hope to hear from some of you soon!


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