Apotheca Amaranthine (gienahclarette) wrote in egl,
Apotheca Amaranthine

Writer seeking artist for lolita webcomic

I've been scripting out a webcomic featuring lolitas as magical girls for a humorous webcomic. I'm looking for someone who can draw around one page a week. I can do coloring as well. This project is serious in that I would like to see it go for a long time, not just a few pages. It's completely unserious in that the comic is supposed to be over-the-top ridiculous and irreverent. Please feel free to ask questions.

I'd love to work with another lolita, because it will make designing characters and their outfits that much easier, and it'll be easier to make lolita-related jokes. If you're interested, please post a link to some of your work. :)

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