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Lolita Fashion Show at Lucca Comics & Games, Italy

Hi girls, I'm Deborah and I am a moderator of Gothic Lolita Zone.

The staff of Gothic Lolita Zone and its admin itrill are happy to announce you that during this edition of Lucca Comics & Games the forum will organize a Lolita Fashion Show.

As in the past few years, the festival organizers have given us space to arrange a Lolita Fashion Show, which we try to make it more enjoyable and nice every year. As a result of the meetings held this winter at Nimi Festival in Florence with some brands (Angelic Pretty, Putumayo) and Misako Aoki, we would like to extend the invitation to all the not-Italian girls that are interested to visit this beautiful comics and games convention, more and more interesting and full of events at every new edition, set within the walls of the gorgeous town of Lucca, in Tuscany. Unfortunately, we still don’t know if brand or guests will be attending the event, but we will keep you updated.

The Fashion Show will take place on Saturday, November 3rd at 4:00pm inside the Japan Palace, at the Real Collegio of Lucca.
If you've never seen them, you can watch the videos of the previous editions! We can tell you in advance that this year the fashion show should take place outdoor as in the first video, weather permitting.

We ask the girls who wish to participate as models to apply as described below. As always, we will evaluate the proposed outfits to prevent that incorrect examples of Lolita style are shown to a less experienced audience. All outfits must be agreed and approved WITHIN 1 month before the show, to allow us to arrange the exit order.

Of course, the girls that will model at the show don’t need to buy a ticket to enter the Japan Palace, since is free for all the models (this privilege is for the JAPAN PALACE ONLY and exclusively during the day of the event, if you want to watch the rest of the exhibition you will need a ticket!).

If you are too shy to model, please came and enjoy our show as audience ^__^ We’ll be glad to meet foreigners Lolis!

We are also organizing a dinner at Lucca on the same day of the show to meet and chat with our users, models and guests! For any assistance if you want to came, please feel free to ask, we’ll be glad to help you.


WE DECIDED A THEME: "Four seasons to wear Lolita all year long"

Actually, it's just a little trick to show not only autumn outfits (as the time of the year in which the show will take place could suggest) but also summer, spring and completely winter ones.

For a better interpretation, the main styles of Lolita will be matched to a season, according to this scheme:

Winter - Gothic lolita

Spring –  Classic Lolita (brighter type)

Summer - Sweet Lolita

Fall - Classic Lolita (darker type) / Punk Lolita / Pirate Lolita /

(we had to split Classic Lolis  in 2 groups) 

So, for example, parasols will be superfluous for Gothic Lolita outfits, as well as velvet and tights for Sweet ones. We trust in your skills, also because it is quite easy to adapt an outfit to different seasons.

OBVIOUSLY, the style is not a closed box, so an outfit could be a cross between sweet and classic or a mix of gothic and sweet. In this case we’ll decide together the more appropriate season!

Our 1st goal is to show at least 5 models per season.

In this way, if you want to propose a Gothic Lolita outfit, remember that you have to dress up as you’re attending a meeting in mid-December, and if you want to propose a Sweet Lolita outfit, it must be absolutely summery.

Do not worry too much about the climate, The last year the temperature outdoor was 20° and your walk will last no longer than 40 seconds!

And of course: propose your BEST OUTFITS!

You don’t have color restrictions, the important thing is quality.

Shameless brand replicas are not permitted (generic off-brand clothes are fine).


Joining is FREE. Our goal is to raise a group of 20 models! ^ ___ ^

Send WITHIN AUGUST 31ST an email to with the following submission form completed.



Suggested outfit:

Do you need help for makeup/hairstyle?:

OBVIOUSLY, the applications must be sent ONLY if your presence is more than certain for the fashion show day (November, 3rd).
Outfit proposals must be submitted ONLY through PHOTOGRAPHY, with your outfit worn or laid. So NO descriptions without images.
In this way, you'll know if your application has been accepted and if the proposed outfit has to be changed or not.

Thank you very much for your attention and thanks to those who wish to participate and visit us.


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