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Unofficial Online Fan Expo Swap Meet!

This is the unofficial Fan Expo Swap meet! What makes it unofficial you ask? Well unlike other swap meet there is no official time or date nor any actual physical event. All swapping will be up to the buyers and sellers. It is up to you to make agreements about payment and where to meet. I figure having a physical post about this might spark the interest and since this is a big event many lolitas will be there. Swapping may take place anytime during the convention but please use your own discretion.

I am not sure what Hobbystars policy is on selling outside the dealers room, although I do think it wouldn’t be allowed so if you want to take extra precaution I suggest to ‘swap’ items outside the con if possible. If you want to do it inside the con I suggest doing it very discreetly. If you are planning to do a transaction involving actual physical money.I suggest to either sell items ahead of time if anyone is interested online and pick up the item in person. But you may also bring the cash and item at the same time. The choice is up to you.
*Tip: If you have a smart phone, making Paypal transactions is easy to do in replacement of cash transactions!

If you plan to participate
If possible, please make either a flickr photo set/photobucket album or some way of showing off your items that you plan to bring! Flikr/Photobucket might be best because we do have attendees that will be coming from other communities and these sites are more accessible to everyone. You may start posting items and adding more items from now until August 26th. If you prefer as well you may also create a DS! thread in the local comm. You might want the title to be “DS! Fan Expo Swap”. This will create more interest in advance! Once you have posted a link to your items you plan to bring, I will catalog a list by username here. I will also be making a Facebook event so other girls who are coming from other parts of the country can also see them.

Also, feel free to post a link to your wishlist, so in case someone that is coming has that item they know someone will be able to buy it.

uttate [Flikr] [Wishlist]
amytheyu [DS] [Wishlist]

chibinixy [DS]
*DS in the local comm can only be viewed by it's members

- Please only bring Lolita related/friendly items. Off-Brand, Replicas, Handmade, and Accessories/Make Up are allowed.
- Please do not bring any non-lolita related items. Ex: Anime collectibles, Doll items, Etc. 
-Please keep this a Lolita only related swap.

- Purchasing and selling item should be taken seriously. Failure to bring the item or failure to have the cash may/can result in negative feedback if the other person feels it’s necessary.
- While 'swapping can be done at any time, the set up time before the fashion show is OFF LIMITS. We need all the models to pay attention to directions given to them!

-Please note that I am not responsible for any problems you may encounter whether it be with the seller, starngers or HobbyStar themselves. 


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