bluemoonbunny94 (bluemoonbunny94) wrote in egl,

petti poof

   Hello fellow frill-seekers, I come to you with a question at hand.

We all know the thing that makes a Lolita a Lolita isn’t what brand she’s wearing, the style she chooses nor the amount she spends on each outfit. No, these things are mere additions to the one thing we all have in common and that is our silhouette. We all like the poof, no we all love the poof. If diamonds are a normal girls best friends, then a puffy stiff yet comfortable petti most be a lolitas.Whether you prefer a subtle poof, a cupcake poof or in my case a very full a-line poof, the poof you enjoy none the less. So back to the question what is your “poof” preference, what your opinion on the fluffy fun? What kinds do you own? What was your first petticoat? Have you ever had any petti mishaps? What do you do in case of deflation or it just dies of flatness? What would you say to a girl starting out with no clue about petticoats?  How much would you spend on one? Any and every petticoat story (and advice) is welcome because though no Lolita is the same there are something’s we have in common and this one of them. Whether you’re new to the style or a seasoned veteran we all appreciate the silhouette a good petticoat can give to a fantastic outfit. I know when I see an adorable outfit with a full petticoat underneath I just squeal on the inside (sometimes on the outside too ^-^)

                               With much love and fluff, Gabs 


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