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New note on the AP homepage?

I was checking out the English AP website this morning, and I was surprised to see that they added a blurb to the homepage like Innocent World had:

Dear Angelic Pretty Valued Customers,
Angelic Pretty is aware of that there is a lot of concerns regarding counterfeits / replicas.
We officially do not condone these types of illegal behaviors.
We will actively pursue those who continue these illegal activities.
We appreciate all of the customers who support Angelic Pretty.

Thank you for your understanding,
Angelic Pretty

What I found more surprising however, is that it looks like it's even on the main Japanese site too (I don't know how long it's been there; I usually use the Japanese site to look at new items, but I can't read Japanese and usually only bother running Google translate on actual item pages...)

and it looks like it's on their US homepage too.

There's been a lot of talk about how they are probably one of the brands most targeted for replicas, but up until now, they haven't really been that public about their stance on the issue, and so I thought it was rather interesting that they put up something.

It's been mentioned before that such statements are not often issued by Japanese companies because the culture there is not as direct about things. So, it's interesting to see how the brands, like AP and IW have sort of adapted to the international stage as they expand their markets in this way (as well as in other ways, like the addition of size L blouses and English sites from both brands, for example). It makes me sort of wonder what other changes we might see in operation and products as they increasingly expand to become global companies.
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