mimo_chi (mimo_chi) wrote in egl,

Re-Poofing my Petticoat (EDIT)

Hey everyone, just wanted to share this weird thing I found out this afternoon by accident. I was wondering if anyone else knew this?

I was washing my organza petti today and then I had (without really thinking it over) tossed it into the dryer. This petti is one that I had made a bit earlier this year and, since I had not used more than 3 yards of the organza in it, it had started to loose it's poof pretty quickly. (After about 3 months or so.)

When I pulled it out of the dryer though, it looked almost as good as new. It was nearly as full as when I had first made it! I was stunned. so, I thought someone out there with a similar type of petti could use this as a quick fix for theirs in the future.

Have any of you tried this method before?

EDIT: A big thank you to Punk_Violin for adding her useful tidbits of how she does this with her tulle and organza pettis. Make sure to read her comment too!
Tags: finds: other, garment: bloomers/petticoats

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