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August Community Updates

Artwork this month is by fubuchama. You can view more of her work on her Tumblr.

Want your artwork featured? Click here for details on our monthly Banner Contest!

The General Theme for August is Lolita and Sports
Does the thought of playing sports in your lolita make you shake in your tea party shoes? Don't fret, there are plenty of lawn games like croquet and bocce ball you can enjoy without breaking a sweat (actually, lolitas don't sweat, we glisten). But if you do play American football in your lolita, then more power to you! Either way, this month share your sports-playing lolita adventures!

The Aesthetic Theme for August is Simplicity
Lately, many lolitas have been wrapped up in the over-the-top movement. Sweet, classic, gothic; we all seem to be preoccupied with how many bracelets we can wear and how much stuff fits in our multi-colored hair. This month, take a moment to appreciate the elegance and refinement of a simple coordinate, and remember to share your experience with us!

We are also introducing a new rule for our banner contests:
Entrants are permitted to submit their work during as many months as they desire. However, if an entrant wins the contest 2 months in a row, they will not be permitted to enter during the following 3 months. This is to promote variety and awareness of the community's great number of talented artists.
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