sakibrii (sakibrii) wrote in egl,

Qutieland not contacting me?

(I hope this post is allowed. I can remove it if it isn't ;;)
I sent an email to Qutieland asking about my order price and arrival on the 2nd of July, and they replied to me in around 2-3 days. There were no problems with this.

I have received my package on the 20th, but one problem... they sent me the wrong blouse! I sent them another email:
My order had a blouse I did not order. I ordered the R-series Noble Dame Blouse but I was given a different one instead (R-Series Return of Fantasy IX Mademoiselle Blouse). What should I do?

This email was sent on the 22nd, and I have not gotten any reply yet. Is there anything special that I don't know about that is causing this delay? If not, exactly what should I do? Thank you for your time, EGL community.
Tags: ordering: misc questions, store: qutieland
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