iluvgaara15 (iluvgaara15) wrote in egl,

Bodyline Length Help?

I'm looking at ordering a certain jsk off bodyline, L357 to be exact:

I love the design, but looking at it on the model, it looks very, very short! The length listed for the 2l, which is the size i'm getting, is 94cm. I would assume the model is wearing an M, but i don't think 4cm should make that much of a difference! And 94cm is an okay length for my height, but due to the photo i feel like it will be much shorter! D:

So, to get to the point, does anyone own this dress, and could you tell me if the length is true to the photo, or to the measurements? Worn photos would also be appreciated. I'm 5 7" by the way
Tags: *bodyline, request: measurements
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