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Please, Help Me with an AatP Print Timeline DONE! (I Think)

I have an idea for a story project based on the prints from Alice and the Pirates. It would be Alice’s adventures through the land of the pirates and would be majorly based off of the prints AatP has released in the order that they released them. However, there are some wide gaps in my print chronology. I have looked up as many as I can using Hello Lace and Lolibrary, but only the years are listed, not the months. I then went to Baby’s San Francisco blog to see the dates on all their reserve posts, but that still doesn’t cover everything! Could I please have help making sure that the timeline is correct? Close-ups of older prints would help a lot too.

The only thread I found was: http://egl.livejournal.com/15497639.html This is where some people come together to list a lot of AatP’s prints, and Wonderfinch pieced together some of the timeline, but there are some print dates missing, and more prints have been made since then.


Note: Placement of early prints in the timeline is based largely on BABY’s recent mook. Also, all capitalization (or lack thereof) is directly from the mook.

Pirate Alice aka This is My Blood (2005) I think these are the same. The mook says “pirate Alice” but the print picture shown is the one that we call the “This is my Blood” print as well.

Pirate Alice II (2006)

Jewelry Box (2007) 

Trump Alice (Early? 2008)
Rose Jail (? 2008)
Marine Rose (July? 2008) The Japanese says “Rose Marine.”
A&P Lace Print (? 2008)
Alice's Never Voyage (Late? 2008)

Name of the Rose (January? 2009)
Hymn (February/March? 2009)
Stained Glass Angel (April 2009)
Horoscope (aka Constellation?) (May 2009)
(Victorian) Relief (June 2009)
A/P Circus (July 2009)
Chain Bouquet (August 2009)
Vampire Requiem (September 2009)
Beardsley Rose Alice (October? 2009)
Castle of Nightmare (October/November? 2009)
Chandelier Flocky (November 2009)
Victorian Cards (December 2009)

Sleeping Beauty (January 2010)
Rose Ornament (February 2010)
Beauty & the Rose Promise (March 2010)
Name of the Rose re-release (April 2010)
Masquerade Theater (May 2010)
Hide-and-Seek With Missin' Alice (June 2010)
A Midsummer Night's Dream (July 2010)
St. Mephisto Cathedrale (August 2010)
Queen’s Coach (September 2010)
TAROT CARD (October 2010)
Vampire Forest (November 2010)
Carousel Appliqué (December 2009)

Dance of the Black Cats (January 2011)
Vampire Requiem re-release (February 2011)
Scent of Rapunzel (March 2011)
Time of the Roses (April/May 2011)
Night Fairy Fantasia (June 2011)
Melty Mermaid Princess (July 2011)
twilight Circus (August 2011)
Black Cat, Witch and the Apple Tree (September 2011)
Lock the PANDORA's Memories (October 2011)
Misty Night Royal game (November 2011)
Drosselmeyer's Wonder Box (December 2011)

The END of immortal EDEN (January 2012)
Trick Hat,Pricked Heart (February 2012)
The Secret Between Alice and the Clock Tower (March 2012)
Poison de lámour (April 2012)
Treasure hunt in the mystic island (May 2012)
Grimoir of the Moonlight Forest (June 2012)
Galactic Journey to the Stars (July 2012)
Vampire Prelude (August 2012)

I'll try to update this as new prints are released!

If anyone wants to take this timeline and put pictures to it like the Angelic Pretty one, feel free to do so. (It's to much of an undertaking for me over here with my slow Internet.)

Thank you for any and all help, and I hope some of you found the timeline interesting or helpful!


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