Abigail (abigail) wrote in egl,

iPhone Backgrounds - AP, BtSSB, AaTP, IW, Meta, VM, MmM

Hello everyone!

I hope you don't mind me posting again this frequently :)

I made a new batch of lolita iPhone backgrounds and just thought I would share here once again. This time I tried to cater to more lolita styles... I think I kind of went overboard with the quantity, haha. But I really hope you like!

BG total count: 32
Angelic Pretty x 5
Baby, the stars shine bright x 8
Alice and the Pirates x 7
Innocent World x 2
Metamorphose x 4
Victorian Maiden x 1
Moi-même-Moitié x 5

Small preview:
I hope you aren't tired of seeing these, haha. Enjoy! :)
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