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Anyone used TaobaoSpree lately?

Last Winter I ordered some things using TaobaoSpree and didn't have any problems. It worked out fine.
I placed an order through TaobaoSpree at the end of last month. It was a kind of large order with 2 other people, totaling about $350. At first the communication was very fast. I sent in the spreadsheet and the representative checked the items, telling me a couple things were out of stock and getting extra measurements. The last I heard from them was July 4th.
I understand it takes a while for everything to get in, especially since I ordered quite a few small and cheap items. Also, I guess they didn't really need to update me when there was nothing to update about. That was different from last time I ordered, so last week I sent a message asking how the order was going and if they had an idea when things would be ready to send me. 
I didn't get any response, so today I sent them a message saying that I was getting worried that I hadn't gotten a response to the e-mail I sent last week, and asked if there was any problem with my order. I just sent that a few hours ago, so I haven't gotten a response.
Has anyone had problems with them lately? I searched on Google for problems with TaobaoSpree and this review came up. Look at the second comment. I don't really believe it (it's completely outrageous and I haven't heard anything like that before), but I'm really worried now! I don't know what I'd do if I expected cute clothes and toys and got a box of old rugs and newspaper!
If anyone is dealing with them now or has in the recent past, please let me know how it's going.

Edit: Someone pointed out to me that the person accusing them of sending them a box of rugs and newspaper was probably a competitor, especially since no one's heard of anything like that happening before. 
I sent an email to Susan, so between that and re-sending the email to my agent I figure that's all I can do, and all that probably needs to be done. 
Thanks for your help :)

Edit #2: I just got an email from my agent. She said my last items just came in today and got my shipping info. Thanks for the info. 
Do you think I should delete this post now? I don't want people to look at this post and think the company's untrustworthy because of a delay in communication.
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