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Is it me or the sewing machine?

Hi! I'm new to this community, but I've been lurking for a couple years. It feels strange to actually be posting now. :P

So I realize this isn't directly a post about lolita per se. I noticed all the wonderful sewing tutorials and for the most part, I noticed that the consensus is that it's very difficult if not impossible to sew JSKs, cutsews, petticoats, etc. by hand. I have seen in a few other posts that investing in a good sewing machine is wise. I do know how to hand sew and use a sewing machine, but I have stuck to hand sewing because of the problems that I'm having with my machine.

A few years ago, I was given a sewing machine for my birthday. The problem is that I get too frustrated with sewing because once I have everything set up the way that it should be, the bobbin blows up into a tangled mess of thread and I have to do rewind the bobbin and do it all over again. Is this a sign of my inexperience or a sign of a subpar sewing machine? What sewing machines do you recommend for sewing lolita clothes?
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