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List of Lolita Guest

I'd like to compile a list of important events & conventions that have featured lolita guest at there events, for my own personal reason but I figured it could benefit the community as well. I know there been so many in the recent years so I am trying to limit to events that have feautred lolita guest whether they are singers, artist, designers, models or figures. The event can be anything from conventions, private parties, events organized by stores, tea parties ect. If you could include links to either a video, photo album, blog post or official link I'd love that too!

Name of the event:

North America 
Sakuracon 2012 - Chantilly & Atelier Pierrot designers (& Angelic Pretty/Black Peace Now) 
Anime Expo 2012 (L.A) - Misako Aoki [x]
Anime Central 2012 - Maki & Asuka [x]
AM^2 2012 (Anaheim) - Putumayo
Anime Boston 2012 (Boston) - H.Naoto designers
Anime Matsuri  2012 (Houston) - Designers Tomomi Nakamrua, Masumi Kano, and model Midori Fukasawa (BTSSB & AATP) [x]
PMX 2011 (L.A) - Yuko Ashizawa of Atelier Pierrot [x]
AM^2 2011 (Anaheim) - Kanon Wakeshima
Tokyo Rebel 2011 (NYC) - Misako Aoki(skype) [x]
Anime Weekend 2011 (Atlanta) - Ibi and Mint of h.NAOTO Sixh.
Otakon 2011 (Baltimore) -designers Masumi Kano & Mitsuba (BTSSB & AATP)
Anime Matsuri 2011 (Houston) -Designers IBI and Gashicon, Hangry & Angry & Sixh [x]
Anime Matsuri 2010 (Houston) - Atelier Pierrot + Exo-Chica (Aural Vampire) 
PMX 2010 (L.A) - Miki Nohmoto of AATP ; Akinori and Fumiyo Isobe of BTSSB [x]
Jpop Summit Festival 2009 (San Francisco) - BTSSB & BPN [x]
PMX 2009 (L.A) - Maki & Asuka of AP; Gashikon of Hangry & Angry [x]

South America
Kawaii Ambassador in Brazil 2009 ( Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Recife & Brasilla) - [x]

Tea Party Club 2012 (London) - Mari Nakamura (designer of Juliette et Justine) and Mariko Suzuki (editor of the Gothic and Lolita Bible) [x]
BTSSB 2012 (Paris) - BTSSB model Midori
Convention Lolita 2012 (Paris) - 
Fumiko from Chantilly and clothes from Victorian Maiden
Japan Expo 2011 (Paris) - Harooka Naoto (H.Naoto] & Misako Aoki
Connichi 2011 (Kassel) - Btssb designer Kumiko Uehera, Btssb founder Akinori Isobe, Novala Takemoto [x]
Hyper Japan 2010 (London) - Kanon Wakeshima
* Kera magazine (and editor), Baby the Stars Shine Bright (Paris Branch), CD Japan (selling Moitie) and clothes from Innocent World and Angelic Pretty
BTSSB 2011 (Paris) - Misako Aoki
NiMI Festival 2011 (Firenze) - Misako Aoki [x]
Hyper Japan 2010 (London) -Misako Aoki [x]
J-POP Fest (Moscow) - AATP, BTSSB, Chantilly
Japan Expo 2009 (Paris) - Laforet shopping centre, Akinori Isobe (Btssb), Maki and Asuka (AP), Fumiko (Chantilly and Atelier Pierrot), Metamorphose, Black Peace Now, Sexpot Revenge, Misako Aoki, Kanon Wakashima, Meg (singer), François Amoretti (illustrator)
Salon del Manga (2009)- Kawaii Ambassador Misako Aoki & Yu kimura

Lolita Day 2011 (Seoul) - BTSSB & Misako Aoki
Misako's Tea Room 2011 (Seoul) - Misako Aoki
Tea Party 2009 (Incheon) -Misako Aoki
Lolita Day 2009 (Seoul) - 
Isobe (BTSSB owner), BTSSB designer Uehara


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