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Looking to collaborate with a photographer in Florida~

Hi hi! This is actually my first time posting here, ever - so I apologize in advance if I've done something wrong ^__^;

I'm the owner of the indie brand, Elegy, and am currently looking to collaborate with a talented photographer in the Jacksonville, Florida area. One of my models is located here and we’ve recently had some issues with our current photographer (nothing big - it’s just that she lives several hours away, so getting shoots together has become exceedingly difficult). We’ve tried working with a few others who aren’t familiar with Lolita fashion, and the results were... less than desirable (Yes, one of the photographers actually made my model curtsy ;__;).

Which is why I’m posting here.
Note that I’m located in Ohio, and currently have a system set up with my model in Florida, so you’d mainly be working with her irl. She’s gorgeous, photogenic, easy to work with, and actually knows how to model, so you won’t need to worry about “posing” her. Both the model and my work can be found in my shop HERE, as well as these galleries HERE and HERE.

I tend to shoot with this particular model monthly, so it'd be an ongoing/regular thing. Your photography would be featured in my shop,  blog, facebook, and all the internetz.
Please comment or pm me if you’d be interested! If you’ve got a portfolio or some examples of your work, feel free to link me ^_^ Please note that this isn't exactly paid work, so this may be a great opportunity to expand your photography portfolio & collaborate with an indie brand~
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