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Bodyline Shoe Sizing and Reviews?

Hi everyone! I have a question to ask. I'm wondering about Bodyline's shoes since I was thinking about buying some cute Mary Jane style flat pump shoes for Lolita (and other things).

As you can see, I don't like heels and prefer flats or pumps (Mary Jane style shoes were always my favorite). I can't walk in those skinny pointed heels very well and it's too painful walk in for long.  I was thinking about these in pink or white or black (which color is best?)
Also, a few questions about the sizing:
-do they run big or small?
-are they even good quality? (I've ordered from Bodyline before and it seemed good.)
-what size should I get if I'm like a size US 6~7 (6.5 commonly) and my feet are 9.25 inches/23.495cm long?
Would 23.5 be good idea or should I try going up or down?


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