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Lolita One Liners || Jokes and Pick-Up Lines!

So...in spite of my avatar, I'm actually a rather corny person! I grew up on old PC adventure games that gave you a silly line whenever you died! I wanted to start a a thread for Lolita jokes (or even lolita pick-up lines) that would make people giggle. Here are a few that came to mind:

Which classic, American actor was influential to the Lolita style?  Marlon Burando

Which condiment do Punk Lolitas swear by when making sandwiches? Putumayo

Who's number is constantly being asked for by Lolitas? Max Bust (Inspired by Sh*t Lolitas Say!)

What did the coroner warn against as a common cause of death among Lolitas? Choking on food that was laced.

What do you call a crybaby Lolita? A Walolita!

Why do Lolitas have poor eyesight? Because Baby, The Stars Shine Bright

Why do Lolitas seem so scholarly? Because they are known for their AP scores!

What do you ask a Elegant Gothic Aristocrat who is in a hurry? Why all the hustle and bustle?

What makes the best hot chocolate? Rococoa!

Haruju, kutie pie?

I'm sorry guys!! >w<

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